Terms & Conditions
This Agreement sets forth the legally binding terms for your engagement in Unrealised Potential. You agree to be bound by this Agreement, whether you are an "Artist" (which means that you have submitted an exhibition idea to Unrealised Potential to be realised by a producer) or you are a "Producer" (which means that you have purchased an artist's exhibition idea with the intention to realise it). These terms and conditions govern any future production of the artworks. The following details the procedure:

Regarding the "Artist"
(a) Once the "Artist" has submitted the exhibition idea to Unrealised Potential, s/he forgoes all rights to realise it until such a time that the conditions allow for ownership of the work once again.

(b) While the idea must always be realised by another person (no partners or family members), the facilitating artists (Chavez-Dawson, Ely & Harris) have the right to realise any works on the "Artist's" behalf at any given time.

(c) Upon purchase of idea, the "Artist" will receive a nominal fee, until it is realised and once realised will be paid a standard showing fee, which will be sourced by the "Producer".

Regarding the "Producer"
(a) The "Producer" has the right to purchase any previously unsolicited Unrealised Potential for a fee of £50, which will be used to cover administrative costs as well as remuneration to the "Artist" and facilitating entities (Chavez-Dawson, Ely & Harris and host gallery).

(b) Upon purchase, the "Producer" has a maximum of two years from the date of purchase to realise the work on the "Artist's" behalf and according to the "Artist's" specifications.

(c) If, after this time, the "Producer" fails to produce the work, the idea will return to the market, allowing the audience the opportunity to purchase the idea once again.