The Circle and the Line

This isn't a time image; this is just a swelling of time, a large growth before your eyes.
Balloons; spheres, more spheres; lines, locations, locations and distances; memories and histories, histories of others; other people's histories; the lack of history.

".... In every event something has become too strong in the image."
(Gilles Deleuze, Cinema 2: The time image)

This is to unrealise objects in conversation with one another, methods of intuitions ripe yet unfinished; falsehoods and truths; the practices of lying. Images they never capture; like filmic frames of information overload, they are bad news not to be taken seriously. Those caresses over and around the curves were never meant for you. It is always a deception.

Belief? Damn you, you thief - you were supposed to be a lover! With that ungrateful, foul mouth, whose purpose do you serve?

Submissiveness, I hear you shout! You are the law! Above the law, the lawless. The voluptuous, finger- licking, unbound, progressively ruder, ruder still, you dirty swine!

Those memories I had of you just before you jumped are coming back again. The timeline of forgetting is sharp and fast, a slight tick and you'll forever hold silent. Above the circle and the line, those cold stones, with only a small white handkerchief you smear a stain - the unread.