Unrealised Potential
From Sat 17 July to Sun 12 September
70 Oxford Street
M1 5NH

Artists include Mike Chavez-Dawson, Sam Ely & Lynn Harris, Gavin Wade, Brian Reed, Len Horsey, RELAX.

Unrealised Potential is the incorporation of Mike Chavez-Dawson's Potential Hits 2005 into a volume of Unrealised Projects, further developing the creative potential of the unrealised in the artist's practice and for an audience's engagement with the work.

Unrealised Potential is an art project as exhibition which will allow gallery-goers the opportunity to become producers themselves by purchasing the right to realise a leading artist's dream project. For this multi-part exhibition artist/curator Mike Chavez-Dawson re-visits his original project Potential Hits, 2005, and working in collaboration with Sam Ely and Lynn Harris combines it with ongoing work Unrealised Projects to form Volume 6: Unrealised Potential.

All volumes of Unrealised Projects will be on display in the gallery, alongside the first comprehensive display of Strategic Questions 2002-2010 curated by Gavin Wade, with a new commission from RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co) in response to the question What is Wealth? Plus Len Horsey & Brian Reed (who interpret Liam Gillick's Palanta De Anodizado).

The show also includes a number of invited contributions from over seventy other artists, including Richard Wilson, Tom Morton, Cecilia Wee, David Shrigley, Simon Patterson, and many more.

Monday 14th June 2010, 36 Bedford Row, The Chambers of Frances Oldham, London, WC1R 4JH. Partnership Agreement between Chavez-Dawson and Ely & Harris to jointly develop Unrealised Potential (which is the incorporation of Potential Hits into Unrealised Projects). Overseen by Kate Grieve (Barrister and ex 1 000 000 mph project space director) and Cecilia Wee (writer, curator and academic).

Photographs courtesy of Inge Clemente