Unrealised Projects

Sarah Conway-Dyer and Claire Coupe

Conway and Coupe Investigate

After several late night discussions between two artists the initial idea for 'Conway and Coupe Investigates' was born....
The two time traveling detectives go on a surreal journey through the ages to fight crime and right wrongs of the past and future. They do not have a sophisticated time machine but instead have the strange ability to crawl through picture postcards, when torn in an intricate manner, which transport them to the scenario printed on the card. Once in this new world, they soon discover their righteous mission and must ensure justice is leveled before they can return to their own time. A bit like Quantum Leap but more plausible.

These characters are drawn from period dramas, Columbo, Hitchcock, Caravaggio and 1950's movie posters. We have talked about creating photographic images based on this idea or even possibly a spoof detective movie. Past, present (relatively speaking) and future could be represented in a time traveling triptych. Conway and Coupe could feature in the images in appropriate costume, sporting accessories and wielding props which will describe the time, the crime and the perpetrator. A who-dunnit snapshot.