Four Public Art Projects:

1. Planter: originally proposed in the early nineties as an elevated park in NYC with recesses, as exist in the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, to hold the excess prison population. (The jails were so overcrowded at the time that the New York authorities were putting prisoners on barge in the East River.) After moving to New Zealand, I "placed" a new computer generated model in New Zealand landscape.

2. Hazard Park: originally a proposal for the Wellington NZ waterfront. The computer rendering is based on a road warning sign in New Zealand.

3. Flipper Go Home: a "proposal" that would likely exist in virtual space, (the marble dolphin would normally fall over).

4. Rational Monument: a proposal for a structure that uses a theme of Italian Rationalism in which a motif is repeated over and over (Duchampian chess pieces, and square punctured holes in masonry, as in the work of Adalberto Libera).