Because at the moment I'm shifted into this position of being the subject of your making,
Cecilie Gravesen (production still 2011).

Unrealised Projects Vol.4 Launch

Thursday 10th February 2011 6.30-9pm / Free

Initiated in 2003, by artists Sam Ely and Lynn Harris, Unrealised Projects is an active investigation into the potential of unrecognised, unfinished and unfulfilled ideas. Collecting proposals from artists, designers, curators, writers, performers and musicians which have yet to be realised or remain unwritten, UP provides a space and context for these concepts to exist in circulation and ultimately challenge the viewer to 'realise' the work through their own imagination.

This event marks the conclusion of Unrealised Projects Volume 4: a considered conclusion to a journey into material. Several submissions, ranging in media, have been 'realised' through an experimental process of negotiations between artist and curators and will be presented over the course of the evening.

Artists include:

David Cunningham
Cecilia Wee
Cecilie Gravesen
Neva Elliott
Robert Kiff
Paul Stanley

Jonny Hill
Edd Simpson

with guest curation by Josh Love

Part of Scratch Nights at MK Gallery
Thursday 10 February 2011
MK Gallery
900 Midsummer Blvd
Milton Keynes MK9 3QA

Book Launch

Unrealised Projects Volume 4: a considered conclusion to a journey into material

Published by Unrealised Projects
ISBN 978-1-4467-9466-1
228.4 x 152.4mm
48 pages

Published by Unrealised Projects

Braille insert page 12

Available from MK gallery bookshop and online now.

£6 (including p&p, within the UK, for overseas shipping please contact us)

Special thanks to MK Gallery and Simon Wright for their kind support. Thank you to all participants for geting involved and fueling our obsession for the unrealised.

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