Jesus is Gay Lord

** This project was in production since 2004, but now Gilbert & George have ripped me off, this work probably won't be made **

In the Da Vinci code book, it says that Jesus had a proper relationship with Mary Magdalene and had a baby with her! The Da Vinci code is based around a theory that Christians covered up the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdelene, in a similar way to my work that says that God and Judas covered up the fact that Jesus was gay.

Instead of photos or paintings for the Gay Jesus work, make it a purely text based work (Ellen Cantor liked this idea). Write the appropriate new part of the Bible around and after the crucifixion. Research the tone that the bible is written in and which testament my work will be based on. Publish it as an appendage to the (New Testament?) and write it in the same language and tone as the bible. Distribute it as a pamphlet in the street like Christians do and make it into a limited edition book. And maybe paint the text from an excerpt of this book on the big frame in the living room - painted text of an extract from my gay alternative bible story. Maybe just do a straight video of a street preacher? And the discussions he has with non-believers on the street. This video could accompany the big text painting of the Gay Commandment. Write Gay testament and film an actor preaching from the gay testament in Hyde Park corner one Sunday afternoon, to see people's reaction. Film other speakers as well. Anyone can stand in the area (on a chair, box, etc) and preach/talk about their beliefs. Film on a tripod (from different angles) and include some roaming free-cam stuff. Don't stop filming, whatever happens.

This video piece and text painting will be commenting on issues from my original Street Preacher and Jehovah House Call ideas as well.

VIEW > Was He Gay? (pamphlet) | Street Preacher (video) | The Hidden Commandment (text painting)

In this work I'm not saying that Jesus is definitely gay, I'm just posing a question. Christians are always telling us to have an open mind about the existence of God, so why don't they have an open mind to the sexuality of their Saviour? There was nothing to say he wasn't gay, and what would it matter anyway?

Jesus is Lord. Phil 2:11.
Jesus is gay, Lord. Judas 2:11.

Inspired in part from seeing clips of the Jerry Springer Opera, where Jesus sings a song about how he is "a little bit gay".

This project is based on the same alternative-bible-narrative principle as The Last Temptation of Christ, in showing the life of Jesus as mortal man, tempted away from God by the devious devil, and the resurrection never actually happening. But my version opens discussion on stale Christian views on homosexuality and the current debate about gay marriages, by posing the question "Was Jesus gay?" Whereas in the Last Temptation Jesus is deceived by the Devil (disguised as a girl) to lead a normal life with Mary Magdalene, my version has Jesus tempted away from God by his own homosexuality (which, in the eyes of Christians, puts him in league with the devil).

In the film Constantine (2005), Satan is portrayed as a little bit camp, and in South Park the Movie, he is full-on queer. This relates to the topic of this essay in the way that the devil is portrayed as homosexual in an idiotic, juvenile way that belittles Christians beliefs of him as a fierce, dangerous enemy. But this comedic campness disguises the fact that they are satirising the idiotic beliefs of Christians that think that gays are evil and in league with the devil. The idiocy and ridiculousness of the notion of Satan being a complete Queen diverts our attention from the truth that is actually being told - that it is stupid to think of homosexuality as evil and sinful and that the Christian faith should redress their bigoted ideals.

The story of the bible is so ridiculous is parts, so why should Jesus being gay be so unbelievable? The Last Temptation of Christ is an alternative version of the bible fable, as is this. Why do Christians think being gay is so bad?

I'm interested in flaws, inconsistencies and ambiguities in the Bible, because Christians have such a strong belief in this handed-down compilation of fables, that it deserves to be picked apart to show them it might not be as authentic and true to the word of God as they so strongly believe. To this end, I'm making new photographic, literary and video works about the unwritten life of Jesus after the resurrection. In my version, he admits his homosexuality to his father (God) who dis-owns him and takes away his miracle powers. Jesus is then left to live his life as a gay carpenter, defying one of the 10 commandments, being in league with the Devil, and by only liking men, ending the blood line of the almighty. This is why i believe there was never any descendants of Jesus and why God has made the Christian faith so strongly against homosexuality.

That's the outline. Not meaning to offend anyone, I'm just interested in the ambiguity in Jesus' disappearance after the resurrection. Why bring his son back to life, only to take him away back to heaven again? What evidence is there to show that Jesus' disappearance wasn't the result of a homophobic Lord? I mean, Jesus was followed around for most of his mortal life by 12 adoring men! God could have banished him away to homo-solitude, or he might have killed him and sent him to hell, and that's why he disappears out of the bible?

Make "Was Jesus gay?" leaflets to hand-out like a Christian. Video me handing them out, or get Jon Acker to hand them out because he looks more of the old Christian type.

I think the Jesus project will be more interesting if I focus on the fact that Jesus' ascension to Heaven is ambiguous. Who saw it?

What happened in the cave that Jesus was found in? Who found him? What was Jesus doing in there? Don't have to answer all these questions. Leave it up to the viewer to fill in the blanks in this fictional story of his gay life. The real betrayal of Jesus by Judas was telling his dad he was gay. Any interpretation of the Bible is valid.

I find it hard to understand how Christians can believe so strongly in something that there is hardly any evidence for. And they follow and live by the Bible, which is comprised of (supposedly true) tales and stories akin to that of a fantasy children's book. How is it believable? I'd like to understand his way of thinking and how they were brought up and how their views have formed.

Who wrote the bible because it wasn't God or Jesus or Moses and therefore how can they trust what is written? Why do they believe in God so strongly? Fear of death?

Maybe Judas discovered Jesus was gay when he found him in the cave kissing one of the disciples? And then Jesus ran away into hiding.

So God resurrected Jesus, and Jesus thought to himself, "I've been given a second chance at life, so I'm going to stop lying to myself, my friends and my dad, and come clean about my sexuality." But God did not like this and disowned him as a son, for disobeying his wishes and being in league with the Devil. Maybe this series of works about Jesus being gay should be given the title: The Hidden Commandment?

If it was proposed that Jesus was gay, would that affect Christian's belief and respect for him? It's an alternative interpretation of events in the bible. I'm not saying that Jesus was definitely gay, but the Bible doesn't say he wasn't.

Maybe the Mary Magdalene saga was invented by God and Judas as a way to make out that he was heterosexual. It was frowned upon (because she was a prostitute not worthy of the son of God?), but not as much as if people found out he was gay!

Jesus was supposedly resurrected and then transported to heaven 4 days later. What was the point in that? And if he was an actual mortal man, (with the job of a carpenter as some people who want to negate the miracle and fairy tale aspect of the bible say), what happened to this man after the resurrection event? Did he just disappear? Maybe he was gay and had to go into hiding because being gay is "wrong". That's why he had no descendants! And maybe that's why homosexuality is so frowned upon - because it ended the blood line of God.

Did Judas see the ascension of Christ? This is an ambiguous part of the Bible. Maybe Jesus went into hiding because he was scared of his Dad's temper at his gayness, and so to save face, God told Judas to tell everyone that he had seen Jesus ascend to Heaven, to cover up the shame of his gay son. Relates to the well known scenario of inner city son telling dad that he's gay, and Dad then disowning him as a son.

When did Judas tell God that Jesus was gay? Instead of Jesus admitting it to God, maybe Judas told God that Jesus was gay when he had been resurrected because Judas was annoyed and jealous that Jesus had come back because Judas wanted to lead the disciples and be the centre of attention.

And Judas said, "Jesus is gay, Lord", thus landing Jesus in the shit.

Fantasy narrative alternative/left out segment of the bible about Jesus' secret life as a gay man in Jerusalem.

We supposedly have free speech in this country. I have been told a number of times by religious street preachers that I'll be going to hell for not believing in god, so why should I not be allowed to air my views on the possible homosexuality of Jesus?

Where's My Baguette?

*A James Ford & Ben Jolly Collaboration*

It could just be photos?

-involves process in the eating of the baguette & cheese.
-completing this challenge will be difficult á as an artist I set myself tasks.
-have a descriptive piece of text explaining the history and origins of the bet and how the feud over who owed who a baguette has been simmering for over 6 years.
-the long running (everyday/non-consequential) feud will be settled in a grandiose setting and competition context.

-references the nature of pool/snooker playing, how the game can be played to settle a dispute or to win a pint etc. -banality is thus empowered and can be related to (most people relate to bets and feuds about stupid things) and the outcome will be witnessed by an audience and documented.
-involves live art, performance, food art, process and conceptual art and the event will be made into a piece of video art.
-obvious links to the Dave Gorman saga, Jackass and endurance Japanese shows (and Banzai).
-in its bizarre appearance, this scene could also be seen to reference surrealism.
-wear proper snooker outfits with waistcoats, etc and have a proper referee.
-perform it in a grandiose, recognisable setting like Crucible or Hexagon.
-pay for a new cloth for the table.
-the length of the performance/video will be dictated by the time it takes to finish the game - 30 mins - 4 hours!


-we will use full sized baguettes and random bits of food to pot (such as mini-cheeses and little pots of jam)
-instead of chalking the cue, we'll put spread on the baguette.
-the baguette will be drawn into 8 sections.
-every time an item of food is potted, it has to be eaten on the baguette, along with that section of baguette.
-so as you pot more things, the game gets harder because the baguette gets shorter.
-we could support local companies by using and promoting local produce, such as cheese, mushrooms and jam from manufacturers based in Hampshire/Berkshire.
-this piece of art re-contextualises the use of food and in literally "playing with our food" allows us to do something we were never allowed to do as a child, thus provoking childhood memories.
-there will be a live audience. The viewers (in the audience) become an integral part of the piece, especially if they choose to cheer and support one of players. Thus subverting notions that fanaticism and support is restricted to big names and well known sports.