Rochelle School,
Arnold Circus,
London E2 7ES



SUNDAY 30th JULY 2006, 2-7pm

The third Publish and be Damned one-day self-publishing fair will take place on Sunday 30th July 2006 at Rochelle School in Arnold Circus E2 7ES, from 2-7pm.

Publish and Be Damned profiles individual and experimental approaches to making and distributing the work of artists, writers and musicians outside of the commercial mainstream, encompassing DIY fanzines, magazines, critical journals, glossy periodicals, video compendiums and independent record labels. The fair offers the opportunity to discover a wide variety of publications and to meet their editors. This year, the fair has again expanded to include new publications whilst also featuring participants from the last two years who have continued to make and develop their publications. This year the fair has again increased in size, and moved to Rochelle School to accommodate the new contributors of which there are now over 60.

New London-based contributors include London-based Indy&Ink, JohnFrum Press, MEAT Magazine, Tangent, Cactus Network, Savage Messiah and Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards, and from further afield, Wake Up! and VOLLEVOX from Belgium, Useless Magazine from New York and basso magazin from Berlin. Other stands include Mark Pawson's Disinfotainment, comics The Masterpiece and Typocrat Press, artist-led macho publication Pablo Internacional Magazine, Reza Aramesh's Centrefold, Stephen Willat's Control, Strange Attractor, and White Collar. Also presented are fanzines Arty, Dark Star, Vomit in the Mainstream, Pin Up, Sick Happy Idle, Stellar and Radical Vans and Carriages, artist-run record labels Junior Aspirin and Make it Happen, Spartacus Chetwynd's Audio Theory, and free newspapers WeAreTheArtists, and The Vacuum.

Entrance to the fair is free. A full list of participants is included below. For further information please see www.publishandbedamned.org, Sarah McCrory - sarahmccrory@yahoo.co.uk.

The Publish and be Damned self-publishing archive will be exhibited at Canal, 29 Vyner Street, E2 9DG from Friday 28th July - 6th Aug, Fri & Sat, 1pm - 6pm. Visit www.canalonvyner.org.


Åbäke, London | Arty/Transition Editions, London | Babak Ghazi, London | basso magazin, Berlin | Borbonesa, Brighton | Cabanon Press, London | Cactus Network, London Centrefold, London | Control, London | Dark Star, London | Difficult Fun, London | Diplo Magazine London | Donald Urquhart, London | Freier, Berlin | Fucking Good Art, Rotterdam | Guestroom, London | Happy Pappy, London | Hard Mag, London | Harry Pye, London | Hate Magazine, London | High Horse, London | Indy&Ink, London | Interlude Magazine, London | Jody Barton, Kent | John Frum Press, London | Junior Aspirin, London | Leisure Centre, London | Mark Pawson (Disinfotainment), London | Math Magazine, London | Mattias Connor AKA Wolfboy, London | Mauricio Guillen, Mexico City/London | MEAT Magazine, London | mono.kultur, Berlin | Neil Mulholland, Edinburgh | Mute Magazine, London | Pablo Bronstein, London | Pablo International Magazine, London/Mexico City | Pacemaker, Paris | Paula Roush (msdsm), Lisbon/London | Pin Up, London | Rachel Cattle and Steve Richards, London | Radical Vans and Carriages, Glasgow | Sarah Doyle, London | Sam Ely and Lynn Harris, London | Savage Messiah, London | Sick Happy Idle, London | Slimvolume, Birmingham/London | Spartacus Chetwynd's Audio Theory, London | Starship, Berlin | Stellar, Manchester | Strange Attractor, London | Tangent, London | The Masterpiece, London | The Vacuum, Belfast | Tom Mason Publications | Typocrat Press, London | USELESS Magazine, New York/London | Vargas Organisation, London | Variant, Glasgow/Belfast | Vomit in the Mainstream, London | Wake Up! | Wayward Canon, London | White Collar, London | YES

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