Travel as You Swim
Looking at today's obsession with health and not having enough time in a busy environment such as London to exercise, I decided to design a swimming lane along side other means of transport such as travelling by car or bus. When cars were first invented I'm sure it would have seemed bizarre that roads would have to be constructed and a whole system of signs in order to organise how cars could travel safely. Although a swimming lane seems ridiculous perhaps it isn't as odd as all that if we consider this comparison. This piece unlike the other work is perhaps more feasible, but again absurd which is why the designs can be liberating in the fact that I can dream them up and not worry about if they could ever be fulfilled, I'll leave that up to more practical minded people.

Anger Management
For this piece I was concerned with the way that peoples frustrations in busy environments are often not accommodated for, maybe leading to unnecessary anger levels which could have been easily alleviated if the problem was dealt with quickly. Thinking about this issue, I considered places in which anger or frustration could build up, going to work seemed the most predominant time when travelling on conjested tubes or walking down busy streets. It was then that I came on the idea of passing through spaces, spaces that had no other purpose than to get you somewhere, like revolving doors or escalators. so I chose to create a designated space with revolving doors, in a busy environment, which would work a bit like a roundabout you jump on and run around to work of your frustration. Once the individual felt fully calm you could then jump of into an idyllic garden and when ready re-enter your busy street de-stressed.