For maybe the last five years or so I have wanted to realize a project on failure. For me failure is something fundamental not only to art, but to human conduct too. When we speak sometimes we talk at our loudest when we miscommunicate. I like it when things don't work: often then something better that expected happens. Exhibitions that fail fascinate me. On failing a space is opened up for the viewer, a possibility for dialogue. If something doesn't work out there is more to talk about, and there is a reason to develop something in the future. Think of an artist who makes a perfect artwork - it is the moment when that artistic practice is no longer of any interest, and when there is no point in making more work. Somehow, though this idea has never gone any further than this conversation. I am determined to realize it one day, but until then the idea of failure informs everything I do. I guess the question remains 'what is failure': for me it is when something is incomplete and open to possibilities.

Lisa Le Feuvre