Unrealised Projects

1. Ginga
A breeding programme for red haired people.

A website on 'gingas' (read haired people)including facility to log individuals details, creating profiles to be used for the setting up of the programme.

2. Consult
Project to consult a number of practitioners on how to become the best version of an artist I can be e.g. nutritionist, stylist, confidence coach, physic various Documentation of consultations and effects.

3. Welcome
Installation of fake flowers in window of house. Flowers taking up entirety of window space facing outwards.

Welcome takes one form of social coding; the window display, and escalates its physical dimension thus emphasising it and its position as mode of communication, as transmitter of a certain value. In this particular case the idea that displaying flowers in your window denoting you are a person of certain status and ideology. The nature of the flowers denoting that this form of communication is construct and not necessarily the truth.

4. Ways of making myself more interesting, cont.
Phase 2 of work - phase 1 charted traits I found interesting in others (Minor kleptomania, Talk to strangers, Nervous /excitable tick, Security object). Phase 2 would be to personally take on these or a new list of traits and document the process.