Traffic Light Shoes
I am very interested in the idea of an unrealized project, as my work is very much about ideas that could never be put into practice. The work more recently is more about exploring the potential of the invention rather than fully making the piece functional. The final product often looks like enlarged sculptural drawings of the invented idea but for this project the outcome will be drawings and info.
The work I propose for the unrealized project will look at the extreme lengths we might go to, to prevent undue harm, in the format of drawings. I am recently designing 'Traffic light shoes' which are a cross between roller boots and traffic lights. As the attached image illustrates i have used The older version roller boots as my tool to manipulate. This particular version have stoppers on them which you fall on to to slow down, instead of the regular one stopper i will replace with three, indicating different levels of safety. The stoppers will be orange, green, and red, (traffic light colors) and will decrease in size according to what signals the miniature traffic light attached to the shoe which will pick up of on coming traffic.
The other idea which I have yet to draw, is a 'Personalized traffic warden' which will enable you in busy spaces (such as oxford street) to minimize the amount of people you are surrounded by. The piece will address fear's of being mugged and our need for personal space. Much like the barriers one might see in car parks the belt will be a miniaturized equivalent, except the barriers will mechanically adjust both in width and length according to the amount of space needed. Alarm sensors will be attached to the end of the barriers, such as one might find in cars which will trigger if touched.

Home Running Roundabout
As an extension of the project I have followed on from the theme of creating invented objects for obscure purposes, which poke fun at social conventionalities. Still on the theme of safety I have created safe jogging you can do at home that mimics the obscure lengths we go to exercise in built up environments, literally running on the spot for hours or waving our arms up and down for endless amounts of time. In response to this I have created a model prototype of a roundabout you can jog around at home. Not only is it safer, as you do not have to worry about possible assaults, but it attempts to mimic the outside as the roundabout has, trees, lamp posts, traffic lights and people. To give that authentic homely touch the roundabout is covered in lace, bows and buttons, and you just simply jog around it and exit from the varying turn offs as you wish.