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steady and continuous

We would love for you to design a logo for Unrealised Projects.

Thinking about how a brand mark defines a position within a particular marketplace and is sticky (stuck) and relevant. Well, we're looking for none of this. Our position is scattered and we're interested in iterations that somehow speak of the unfinished, the in progress, the just about there...

When we talk in this Post-Fordist era, we're all engaged, in some way or another, in marking - and marketing - our territory. In engaging our target audience through content, tone of voice, look and feel and product line. It's unavoidable. It's the language of post capitalism. It's imbedded in all our communications. We are all our own brand.

But we want to avoid this empty paradigm. Or at least make it a visible concern.

And we want to avoid pissing on our own feet, so we move around. We're steady and continuous. We work hard, but haven't finished anything yet, and hope you'd like to join in by adding your own idea to the think tank-logo bank that you see flickering in the upper left-hand corner of the site.

Please submit your response as an eps or tiff to:


Sam Ely & Lynn Harris