"Frida Black-heart". The lost tapes.

"There is one un-realised project that keeps haunting me. For the past;I don't know how many years; I've been sporadically working on numerous musical projects. From punk to rock-a-billy. Folk to experimental trash. Electro to whatever came to the fore front. I've been in and out of bands for over 22 years.10 years ago I produced a series of tapes on a 4 track with snippets of songs which one day I had hoped would propel me to the Rock n Roll platform of greatness of such female artists like Patti Smith, Nina Hagen or Bjork.
As a child I studied music but when my family moved to a smaller town the local conservatory of music had a waiting list of over 5 years. Due to a lack of structured music lessons it fell to the way side. Still playing music when and where ever possible with friends and their bands it never really clicked, produced anything of concrete, substance or importance to keep me interested so to develop myself as a musician.
Though music still remains my true love for many reasons it's taken a back seat and the tapes still remain in a 4 track format and have never seen the light of day. Apart from the one song I performed live with a group of friends at several gigs in London no others of the "Lost Tapes" series have been performed to completion or recorded on any other format."

(Frida Black-Heart)