World Peace;
The Unrealised Project

World Peace Homeopathics

Drawing on the oft misunderstood physics of Homeopathics and the current rupture of justice and peace in our world, a world peace homeopathic could be developed to give the planet a dose of healing vibe: a subtle realignment of humanity's constitutional emotional disposition from collective fear to compassion and love.

In the preparation of a world peace homeopathic, significant locations would be sourced for their historico-geomorphic magnetic resonance. Greece has historically performed highly in its theomachic zone of conflict, scoring a perceptual distinction for it's mythological battles of the Gods. The premier location chosen would be Athens, Greece. In particular, Acropolis Hill on the sunlit side of the building Erechtheum where there exists the descendant tree from the mythic creation of the godess Athene; who in her territorial battle for the Greek city with Poseidon outperformed him with the offering of the bounty that an Olive tree provides. It is from this decisive battle of Agricultural might that the symbol of the Olive tree evolved into being that associated with Peace, and the symbol of victory through constructive means. Mythologically, the Olive branch also has been associated with the dove of Noah's Ark heralding the advent of dry land, 'leading civilization to safety and its continued survival. Contemporary incarnations include: the United Nations Symbol, the Great Seal of the USA where the eagle carries in its right talon an olive branch with 13 leaves to represent peace between the original member States; and the flag of the league of Arab States which has an upturned crescent encircled by a gold chain and olive wreath. Indeed it almost could be deduced that the same imagistic expression of all parties concerned are fated for some final resolution in the matter of world peace.

The process of collection:

At every stage of the extraction process, all influencing factors for the final homeopathic would be callibrated into the overall bio morphic considerations of the eventual recipients.

Seven branches of the Olive tree would be picked on the first solar hour of the alignment between Aquarius and Mars in the astrological chart of the most offending first world leader. Transported during the fragile light of the setting sun by the fishing boat Essos, it would arrive as the rising sun of daybreak glints on the headlands of the Island of Skyros. The island being best known as the club Med of many a greek god like Dionysus and Ulysses.

High on the hill, housed within the white washed walls of the Skyros Academy of Natural Arts is the homeopathic laboratory of Emotional Temperance. It is here that the essence of Olea Europaea would start it's transformation.

A technical explanation of homeopathics:

In homeopathics all plants and non vegetative forms hold their own particular energy signature. Homeopathics is based on the theory of similars: that doses of a substance can cause a symptom, but the same substance in miniscule amounts can cure a symptom. Homeopathic remedies are incredibly diluted forms, ranging from a dilution of 30 to 100 times, sometimes to the point where no existing molecule of the previously derived substance exists. It is thought that what is left is the trace memory of the molecule's vibrational frequency and that the body responds to this level of subtle energy. In this instance: a quantum memory of Athene's victory over Poseidon, and her wish for peace over all contestable matter. It is thought that transference of this energy happens through our etheric body (energy template) which responds by redirecting the cellular growth patterns of the body from a higher energetic level. In the instance of intemperate energy fields that cause emotional aggressive excitation, the W.P. homeopathic 'chills out' the cellular conductors of the neuro transmitters, allowing for more embracing philosophical considerations of being.

The process of extraction:

The branches of the Olea Europeoa are soaked in vats of Alcohol. A drop of this tincture is removed and added to either 10 or a 100 parts of water. The mixture is succussed, and the process of dilution is repeated again and again. This technique of dilution is referred to as 'potentization'.

The end result:

The world has many large volumes of water: lakes of influence include among them Lake Mead, Nevada. USA.

Positioned within the western military axis of the United States is Lake Mead, one of the largest man made Lakes in the US covering an area of (247 sq miles) imbounded by the Hoover Dam. Also known as an excellent Fishing destination. Plentiful bass, catfish and bluegill. Lake Mead, with a storage capacity of 28,537,000 acres/per water level of one feet of water or 36 trillion litres of water takes a homeopathic dosage of aproximately 36 litres of undiluted core homeopathic distillate. Each litre would be released at different locations within the lake, dependant on current flow pattern variation and dispersal rates within the polymorphic structure of the lake's water.

Over a period of days and weeks citizens of the neighbouring areas which ingest the water could expect to experience the emotional signs of empathy, tolerance and a general harmonious relationship to nature.

Bronia Iwanczak 2002-2005