My 'unrealised project' is my ex-lover.

It was short (3 months)... actually it was 58 days in the making and 28 days in the unmaking. - 58 days from the first date to the last night we had sex... and then 28 days of 'too busy', 'too tired', 'working too much' (which was all true for her) but I don't really know what happened...


- We were going to keep on dating. We planned to have 56 dates to be exact, but that was only going to be the first chapter, then another 56. We were going to write a novel together... a dating novel.
- We booked flights to London, via Japan for the 4th of December. 2 weeks in Japan travelling on the bullet train. Originally it was South America, but that proved to be too expensive - I was disappointed, as she looked good in a bikini.
- I had made enquiries at a Japanese ryoken in the mountains of Honshu. It was to be snowing, and there were monkeys bathing in a hot spring nearby. I remember her saying something about watching me lie in the snow, and the colour of my menstrual blood leaking on the white. She was into bodies, and them leaking. I thought that sounded beautiful.
- She had planned a day date in Tokyo, but it was to be a surprise. I never found out what she planned.
- I booked a room at the Claska hotel in Tokyo.
- We were going to shoplift; as she heard there are no security cameras in Japan, and we were going to buy plastic super 8 cameras from a kids shop....or steal them.
- I was going to love travelling with her.
- We were going to eat a lot.
- We were going to keep surprising each other. We were going to keep on counting.
- In London, we decided not to live together, but live in the same neighbourhood.
- We weren't going to share clothes... or have matching haircuts.
- I was going to fly up to Glasgow, to spend some time with her at a movement festival.
- I was going to film us having sex.
- We were going to stay at my friend Caroline's flat when we arrived in London.
- I was going to draw her a drawing on watercolour paper, something with lots of flowers, maybe orchids....
- She was going to dance me a dance.
- We were going to Barcelona in April. It would be warmer then.
- She was going to drag me to a 'contact improvisation' class. I thought I would take her to 'life drawing'.
- She was going to get a tattoo in Tokyo. It was going to be a symbol of our journey. I thought about getting one too, I worried what my dad would think.
- I was going to get my motorcycle license, because she thought motorbikes were sexy.
- We were never going to have fights through SMS messages.
- I was going to watch her on a trapeze; she was going to show me her favourite move, which sounded tricky.
- I was going to type my 'unrealised project' on her typewriter. It was going to be about an installation piece I always wanted to do in a tower in Northcote - a piece about a fairytale. A piece about Rapunzel.