A potential approach toward cumulative mass genocide of the human race, with a view to equality via the introduction of an indiscriminately predatory factor:

Nadir Ground Zeros:
The Moistened Ridges of the Anus' External Sphincter Excited in the Minds of the Young the First Sun Rise of the New Millennia


In order to achieve optimal dispersion of the creature throughout Central and Greater London via the required medium of the sewage system, drop sites with the maximum number of converging arterial lines must be used.

London's sewage system divides into two major arterial bodies, one servicing the North, the other the South.

The Northern system proves a complicated affair with five separate major lines. For optimal dispersion in the north this requires two "ground zero" drops into the system.

Northern drop 1) The first drop is to be made at the convergence of the Northern High level Sewer and Northern Middle Level Sewer at Hackney Brook. Unlike the other drops this takes place in a low security industrial area and is the least problematic of the drops to make. The areas covered by this drop will be: (High Level) Hackney, Stoke Newington, Drayton Park, Holloway Rd, High Gate Rd @ Kenish Town, Hampsted Hill. (Middle level A) Hackney, South Islington, Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, Euston Rd, Edgeware Rd, Kilburn. (Middle Level B) Hackney, Old Ford, Old Roman Rd @ Bethnal Green, Old St, Theobalds Rd, Oxford St, Bayswater, Kensal Green.

Northern drop 2) This drop is to made at the junction of the Northern Low Level Sewer and Northern Outfall Sewer in close proximity to the Abbey Mills Pumping Station, presenting an increased security risk to the drop. The areas covered by this drop will be: (Lower Level A) Abbey Mills, Aldgate, The City, Aldwych, The Strand, Picadilly, Brompton Rd, Hammersmith and Kensington, Ravenscourt Park, Stamford Brook. (Lower Level B) Abbey Mills, Bow, Stepney, Whitechapel, Tower Hill, Cannon St and Blackfriars, Victoria Embankment, Houses of Parliament, Millbank, Grosvenor Rd, Chelsea Bridge, Chelsea Embankment, Thames Embankment, Cheyne Walk, Kings Rd, Dawes Rd, Fulham, Counters Creek, Stamford Brook, Hammersmith. (Outfall) Abbey Mills, Plaistow, East Ham, Beckton.

The smaller Southern system has only four major lines and a single area of perfect convergence @ Greenwich High Rd by Deptford pumping station, which does increase problems with the security of the drop.

Southern drop) The areas covered by the Southern drop will be: (High level) Deptford, New Cross, Peckham, Herne Hill. (Middle Level) Deptford, Camberwell, Brixton, Stockwell, Clapham High St, Balham Hill. (Low Level) Deptford, Bermondsey, Old Kent Rd, Vauxhall, Battersea, Putney.(Outfall) Deptford, Greenwich, Woolwich, Erith Marshes, Plumstead.


Once safely embedded in the host's sigmoid colon the creature's primary objective is the physical usurpation of that body's communication system. Its primary target is the host brain's information processing junction, the brain Stem / Thalamus conjunction. These two sections of the host brain's construction represent the sensory gateway to and from the brain, feeding and receiving signals through the spinal cord to the body. It is the ground zero of the hosts response / action drive.

From it's base in the sigmoid colon the creature burrows with its own ganglia (enclosed in sheaths of longitudinal muscle) through to the canda equina, a cluster of nerve fibres which extend from the lower part of the spinal cord and can be accessed through the host's sacrum. Locked into the body's information relay system the creature filters the host's nerve responses and adds its own, sending signals both direct to the body and to the host brain whilst filtering out any undesirable responses from the host brain itself. The creature can now regulate heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, digestion and even reflex actions, which is particularly useful immediately after entry as it can be utilised to forestall the host body going into shock or experiencing heart failure. It is also possible that through interaction with the electro / chemical activity of the host brain the creature could interact with the thought processes of the host, presenting the most promising possibilities in terms of interactive subjugation.

Young, Free and Hungry, Seeks Short-Term Relationship with a View to Children. Into Biology, the Property Ladder and S&M.

Making its way through the sewage system, sometimes utilising its fast flowing waters, the creatures spread outward from their respective ground zeros. The environment of the larger arterial sewer system is, however, simply too harsh for long term survival and is in no way viable for the breeding process. In contrast "domestic" plumbing represents a distinctly more comfortable environment for the creature and of course brings it into contact with its ideal host.

Since, in order to breed, the creature (essentially an Endo-parasite) must be ensconced in the hosts large intestine (sigmoid colon), and given the creatures size (adult 10-15cm in length) access to the anus remains the only feasible entry point into a potential host. The sit-down style toilet thus represents the ideal point of contact between creature and potential host. Of course problems remain; vaginal entry in the case of potential female hosts, and the use of the sit-down style toilet whilst standing both represent possibilities that could easily thwart the creature.

Entry into the host is a violent affair. The larger external sphincter retractors strike toward the potential host's anus, which is often relaxed following defecation, and with their barbed heads simultaneously ply apart the muscular external sphincter and begin the initial hoist toward the anal canal. Here the smaller, but otherwise identical, internal sphincter retractors, which serve to widen the anal canal, are inserted and aid the creature's progress toward the sigmoid colon. All wounds caused in this entry process are superficial with minor resultant internal bleeding, no more virulent than that to be found in a case of vigorous sodomisation.

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Relatively speaking the small number of creatures distributed at drop sites constitutes an unsatisfactory initial infection percentage of the London populous. As such the creature needs to multiply to allow for continued rapid infection.

Fertilisation / Gestation) After entry into the host's body the frontal section of the creature, initially the housing for the internal and external sphincter muscle retractors, doubles up, its internal cavity sealing to serve the role of a womb. Multiplication is perhaps the best description of the breeding process as both the male and female gametes are existent within a single unisexual creature and as such no external fertilisation via intercourse is required.

The creatures attachment to the wall of the large intestine at the point of the sigmoid colon, combined with its ganglial attachment to the canda equina, and thus the spinal column, provide excellent sources of blood. This, in addition to the nutrient rich chyme taken from the small intestine, provides sufficient supplies to fuel multiplication. In fact due to the relatively small size that the embryo will grow to before it is anatomically fully formed (the full gestation period being an approximated period of 48hrs) a particularly favourable host physiology may allow for as many as three reproductive cycles before host failure.

Birth) Induced by the imminent breaking of the womb's seal the "parent" creature releases a combination of sennocides and ispaghula into the walls of the host's intestines. These chemicals function as stimulant laxatives combined with a bulking agent. The birth of the new creature, passing through the anal canal and out (with the additional help of its own sphincter retractors) of the temporarily distended entrance of the hosts anus, thus coincides with a large bowel movement. The new creature is essentially forcibly defecated out to find its way back into the sewage system and toward its own host. This re-insertion into the sewage system is often relatively easy due to the incredibly effective pacification of the host via the machinations of the "sacral brain." In many cases the host rarely moves from the toilet once infected, and intriguingly in those cases where the host does move, a psychological, almost migratory, instinct seems to drag the host back. (Note: possibly a mixture of the creature's birthing instinct combined with the cultural reflex present in the host since early domestic toilet training.)

Host Failure and Final Exit) Host failure is onset by a multiplicity of reasons including:

* Brain damage due to decreased oxygen supply from blood siphoned from the spinal column (notably damage occurs mainly in the less utilised cerebral cortex of the outer brain)
* Accelerated onset of malnutrition through chyme siphoned from the small intestine prior to much nutritional up take by the host.
* The eventual physiological effects of delayed shock on the cardiovascular and nervous systems of the host temporarily offset by the creature on entry.

Death of host and the final exit of the creature are intrinsically linked. With host failure imminent the creature prepares to leave the body by releasing the same laxative sennosides and ispaghula that it utilised in the birthing process of its young. Due to the increased size of the creature in comparison to that of its offspring, the bowel movement and violent internal and external sphincter retraction result in the host suffering massive coronary failure upon creature exit.

Proof of Goethe's Sacral Skull Discovered at the Excavation of the Columbine High School Prom

It has been rumoured that the poet, writer and naturalist Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe once put forward the notion that the bones of the pelvis may constitute the remains of a sacral skull. Interestingly he also suggested that the skull itself might well be formed of modified vertebrae.

Stabilising / subjugating the subject is necessary if the creature is to be able to reap the nutrients it needs to survive and breed. With its neurological domination through the canda equina established the attainment of this stabilised / subjugated state becomes its main task before nutrient supply lines reaching into the large and small intestines can be secured.

The cerebral cortex of the human brain is the primary area of the outer brain that must be bypassed should the stabilisation of the host become viable. Responsible for the higher intellectual functions of the host, it is simply too diverse in response to be interacted with on a direct level. Instead the creature focuses on two central areas of the subject's nervous system in an attempt to cause a kind of psycho-neurological anaesthetic in areas such as the cerebral cortex.

The primary elements in the neurological hierarchy favoured by the creature are the limbic cortex found within the brains limbic system. The cingulate and parahippocampal gyrus' that comprise the limbic cortex are responsible for the modification of behaviour and emotion including fight-or-flight responses at the level of drives, emotions and moods. This sub level represents the best alternative structure to the cerebral cortex presenting a greater chance of pacification as long as stimulation of the amygdala is wholly avoided.

As a neuro-physiological adjunct to this the creature also focuses on the host's parasypathetic nervous system (one half of the autonomic nervous system which jointly control involuntary body functions). Primarily active during non-stressful situations and calm states comparable to those found in the on coming stages of sleep and is controlled from nerves located in the brain stem and lower spinal cord (an interesting regression to Goethe's rumoured notion). Effects on the host's body include:
* Lacrminal glands produce tears.
* Cilary muscle of eyes contract; the lens focusing on near by objects, the pupils constrict.
* Nasal glands produce mucus.
* Salivary glands produce thin, copious secretion.
* Broncial tubes constrict.
* Heart rate and force of constriction decrease.
* Stomach secretes more digestive enzymes and acid.
* Pancreas secretes digestive enzymes.
* Intestinal movement of food speeds up.
* Bladder sphincter muscle relaxes.
* Sexual Organs are stimulated, causing increased lubrication of and erection of the clitoris in female hosts and erection of the penis in male hosts.

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