Unrealised - Unrealisable

1-4 February 2011
Wysing Art Centre, Cambridgeshire, UK

Unrealised - Unrealisable our seventh Escalator event at Wysing Arts Centre - will focus on projects which have not been made, can not be made, do not exist yet, or have failed. This four day assembly will explore artworks and projects which lie on the threshold between made and unmade, exist as ideas, partial expression or incomplete ideas. There will be the opportunity to propose projects and discuss these themes and each others practices with artist and curator peers in an open and engaged environment.

The event will be attended by students from the Royal College of Art Curating Contemporary Art MA as well as specially invited contributors and will include a daytrip away from Wysing.

Presentations, workshops and discussions from: CCA (Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art), Sam Ely & Lynn Harris of Unrealised Projects, Teresa Gleadowe, Lotte Juul Petersen, Paul Richards, Matt Stokes, Jacques Rogers and Norwich Castle with Harriett Godwin.

To date over 60 artists and curators have attended Escalator events at Wysing, with contributors including Charles Avery, Adrian Searle, Alexandre Singh, Laure Provost, Neil Cummings, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Renault Proch, Maria Fusco, Mike Sperlinger and Frances Outred, amongst many others. Here is what some previous Retreat participants had to say about their experience: It was a wonderful and diverse group of people, gathered in an important and vibrant arts centre ...
I was truly energized, because of being together with like-minded people, supportive of each other and the input of subjects related to the theme and contemporary art ... I think that in art in the UK there is not a space for this type of dialogue and it is very much needed ... All sessions were delivered to a high standard, were well programmed and contextualised, and really made us think.