I propose to surreptitiously construct a number of amorphous, concrete blobs in discrete locations around an Australian city. Selected positions will include obscure, neglected corners or spaces where these forms might be allowed the time to set, settle and continue to exist. I anticipate that initially these constructions will evade the attentions of graffiti removal zealots due to their subtle colouring blending into the cityscape. As some of these forms become integrated into the fabric of the city I will proceed to add enamel eyes, paint and shiny foil to their surfaces in the manner of Indian wayside icons. These blobs will be formless and abstract enough to allow the potential imaginative morphing into whatever the viewer might want them to be or to mean. Indeed they may merely serve to arouse curiosity and to mystify.

I am currently an artist in residence in India where I find the religious beliefs, popular cults, mythology, magic and superstition seem to flow, merge and part and sometimes clash not unlike the traffic around Delhi. The Spirituality in the air is palpable. To me it is confusing and complex but I am strongly aware that there always seems to be space for it to exist within everyday life.

My attentions here in India have been directed towards the investigation and construction of pathway icons and wayside deities. I am intrigued by the idea that any individual can create an icon or deity for the fulfillment of personal or communal needs. 'An individual who feels the need of supplication to impart a wish, whether profound and impersonal or simple and personal, makes an image using local materials such as straw or clay, bamboo or stone, or sometimes even cloth'.

I have never considered myself a religious nor even a particularly spiritual person despite my childhood immersion in a Church of England school system. Somehow the brain washing instilled an intermittent need to pray in times of trouble or need despite my rejection of that particular kind of male, all knowing, all seeing god. I've developed my own idiosyncratic methods of sending auspicious vibes towards objects or people on which I desire some particular good fortune to descend or transpire. I stretch my very long fingers taught and point them to zap some magic with a zizzzzzzing noise and some imagined sparks (the comic strip of Wizard Weazle was a big childhood influence). I give myself the powers of a goddess and sometimes it works! Here in India I am enchanted to find a confusing plethora of gods and goddesses which appear to allow a great freedom of worship allowing each person to be guided by their own individual spiritual experience, capacities and needs. Here I can imagine that the blobs which I discover and those which I have made myself are quite provisional, subtly abstract, channels of communication with the divine.