Print and Production

Wysing Arts Centre invites applications for the Escalator Retreat Print and Production.

The Print and Production Retreat is an experimental look at publishing as a space for making, presenting and documenting artists' research and working process.

During the retreat, artists and curators will contribute to the first Escalator publication under the theme of 'Production' through workshops that discuss design, editing, printing and distribution. Each retreat participant will be asked to bring material for their own project for the book - and to contribute towards the editing, layout and final presentation of material from participants involved in previous Escalator retreats. Documentation of this group process will also be included.

The project will be led by Unrealised Projects and Publish and Be Damned, and includes sessions with publishers, artists and curators to give feedback on individual's work and discuss approaches to print and online publishing. The retreat is suited to artists and curators for whom publication is an aspect of their practice and are interested in working collectively on production.

To date over 80 artists and curators have attended Escalator retreats at Wysing, with contributors including Charles Avery, Adrian Searle, Alexandre Singh, Laure Provost, Neil Cummings, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Renault Proch, Maria Fusco, Mike Sperlinger and Frances Outred, amongst many others. Here is what some previous Retreat participants had to say about their experience: It was a wonderful and diverse group of people, gathered in an important and vibrant arts centre ... I was truly energized after the retreat, because of being together with like-minded people, supportive of each other and the input of subjects related to the theme and contemporary art ... I think that in art in the UK there is not a space for this type of dialogue and it is very much needed ... All sessions were delivered to a high standard, were well programmed and contextualised, and really made us think.

The retreat Print and Production is open to any visual artist or curator living and working in England. Ten artists and curators will be invited to attend the retreat following a selection process (details below). Five places are reserved for those from the South East and East of England regions. There is no charge for participating in the retreat.

The retreat will take place from 3-6 October 2011.
The deadline for applications is Monday 12th September 2011, 5pm

Wysing Art Centre,

Print and Production Schedule & Bios (PDF)


Dear Images
Art, Copyright and Culture
Edited by Daniel McClean and Karsten Schubert
Published by the ICA
ISBN 1-900300-37-0

Iapsis Forum on Design and Critical Practice - The Reader
From the exhibition Forms of Inquiry: The Architecture of Critical Graphic Design
Published by Sternberg Press and Iaspis
ISBN 978-1-933128-63-4

The Form of the Book Book
Edited by Sarah de Bondt and Fraser Muggeridge
Published by Occasional Papers
ISBN 978-0-9562605-7-4

The Book on Books on Artist's Books
Arnaud Desjardin
From Arnaud Desjardin Comma 38 at Bloomberg Space
ISBN 978-0-9561738-4-3

Eedited and designed by James Langdon
Published by Eastside Projects
ISBN 978-1-906753-22-1

Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture
Published by Gestalten
ISBN 978-3-89955-336-9

Save Me from What I Want
Sexymachinery #9
ISSN 17422213

Not Just CMYK
G&B Prints / North
(Print, process sample book)

3 Found Fonts - An Exploration
Jake Tilson
ISBN 0907508375

A Couple Thousand Short Films about Glenn Gould
Cory Arcangel / Dexter Sinister / Paul Morley / Steven Bode
ISBN 9781904270287

100 Chairs in 100 Days and its 100 Ways
Martino Gamper
ISBN 9780955709814

Special Report Process
Issue 150
ISSN 1479-7534

Kaleidoscope #12
Issue features a 30-pages survey on the topic of the artist books, including a conversation between JRP|Ringer director Lionel Bovier and Printed Matter's AA Bronson, an essay by Kaleidoscope Editor-at-Large Chris Sharp on the role of the book in contemporary artistic practices, a conversation between London-based graphic design studio Abake and Birmingham Eastside Project's director Gavin Wade, an interview with Tate Modern director Chris Dercon on his book archive, and a special project by Berlin-based artist Nina Beier.

AND publishing
(Lynn Harris & Eva Weinmayr)

Reviewing Artforum's Advertisements
(a 'bootleg' version of Artforum's summer issue)

Institute for the Future of the Book

The Metapress
(a small scale online publishing press)

The Infinite Library
(an expanding archive of books, each created out of pages of one or more found books and bound anew)

Books Online
(archive of unprinted books)

Radical Print Shop
(a history of late 20th century radical and community printing collectives in the UK)

Free Radicals
by Jess Baines

The Holster
(an archive and point of distribution for publishing-related projects initiated by Gary Fogelson, Phil Lubliner and Soner On)

The Library of Unwritten Books

Marcus Boon
In Praise of Copying (Blog)
In Praise of Copying (Book PDF)

Primary Information
(an organization devoted to printing artists books, artist writings, out of print publications and editions)

Occasional Papers
(a non-profit publisher of affordable books devoted to the histories of architecture, art, design, film and literature)

Temporary Services

True Golden is a uniquely faithful adaptation of William Morris' classic Golden Type:


Designers: David Nalle, William Morris
Design date: 1993
Publisher: Scriptorium